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Get to know Pancreas Centre BC.

Pancreas Centre BC

Pancreas Centre BC is dedicated to advancing care for British Columbians with pancreatic cancer by making research discoveries that we can rapidly translate into better treatments.

Founded in 2012, our centre is a unique partnership between BC Cancer, Vancouver Coastal Health and the University of British Columbia (UBC). Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health's flagship hospital, is known for its expertise in diagnosis, surgery and pathology of pancreatic cancer.

BC Cancer is world renowned for its progress in cancer detection, treatment and research. Experts oversee cancer screening and treatment for the province. In addition, the BC Cancer Research Centre is home to prominent scientists who study cancer biology, genomics and population based outcomes. Many of these researchers are UBC faculty, or affiliated with other Universities across BC.

We exist because generous donors believe that research is the key that will unlock the mysteries of pancreatic cancer and save more lives.

We thank the donors of the BC Cancer Foundation and VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation for making it possible to establish a major pancreatic cancer research centre here in B.C.



We can and will save lives if patients, researchers, donors, governments, and funding agencies continue to work together through this unique centre.

The very presence of Pancreas Centre BC strengthens our partnerships and provides a unique opportunity to make B.C. a world leader in research into the early detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Our Mission

Pancreas Centre BC will conduct team-driven translational research to discover the causes of pancreatic cancer development and progression as well as to develop innovative therapy and early diagnosis techniques. These discoveries will be used to develop new services and techniques that will reduce suffering and improve survival for patients.

Centre Goals

  • Outstanding research
  • Best care for patients
  • Mentorship and education of future clinicians and scientists

Research Goals

  • To understand how pancreatic cancer develops
  • To research potential screening methods for people predisposed to pancreatic cancer
  • To research potential new drug delivery systems
  • To identify new drug targets and drug development that will increase long term survival


Providing clinicians and researchers the opportunity to access additional postgraduate training is one of Pancreas Centre BC's main areas of focus.

Because of our diversity, we can offer a fertile environment for basic, translational and clinical research.

We currently support an anatomical pathology-specific gastrointestinal/pancreatobiliary clinical fellowship for a board-certified pathologist and a gastrointestinal oncology fellowship for a board-certified medical oncologist. In addition, we support postgraduate research fellows that work with our collaborators on pancreas-specific research projects.

We will continue to expand our training capacity to ensure that B.C. patients access the best — and best-trained — researchers and clinicians possible.

We are currently looking for a postdoctoral fellow, contact us for additional details.



Pancreas Centre BC is led by co-directors Dr. Daniel Renouf and Dr. David Schaeffer who oversee a multidisciplinary team of clinical and research personnel.